Shoveling Snow is Cardio!!!!

2 Peter 1:5-9

So don’t lose a minute in building on what you’ve been given, complementing your basic faith with good character, spiritual understanding, alert discipline, passionate patience, reverent wonder, warm friendliness, and generous love, each dimension fitting into and developing the others. With these qualities active and growing in your lives, no grass will grow under your feet, no day will pass without its reward as you mature in your experience of our Master Jesus. Without these qualities you can’t see what’s right before you, oblivious that your old sinful life has been wiped off the books.

Brrrrr…it is so cold here in Michigan.  We have not seen a day without snowfall in quite some time or temperatures above 30 degrees.  Know what this makes for?  Miserable attitudes.  As the snow blankets us in a winter wonderland of beauty we whine and complain.  It’s too cold.  Ugh!  I have to shovel again.  Power lines are frozen.  The furnace went out.  I can’t find my mittens.  My feet are frozen!   There is no heat in the car.  My windshield wipers are not working.  The ice is so slippery!!  People don’t know how to drive!  All of these things come spewing out of the mouths of people when winter hits…..wonder why no one is positive?


We have spoken so much negativity into the atmosphere that it has no choice but to be negative.  What if, we began to speak some positive things?  Wow! Look how each snowflake is unique?  Look how the snow covers those trees!  How amazing do those icicles look?  See how careful that driver is being?  Shoveling builds muscles and is a great cardio workout!  See?  We can find some positives to speak into the air!  Just maybe it will begin to warm the hearts of the frozen ones.  Ya know the ones who never seem to have anything positive to say? The ones who just need a hug but if you even attempted to they would throw you in a snowbank head first?


I myself today decide to stop complaining about the snow.  I am choosing to think positive, like just think of when this all melts the lakes will be full for the summer!  I will begin to smile a warm greeting everywhere I go even if my feet are a bit frozen.  I will choose not to lose my warmness when I lose my mittens for the 80th time.  I will refuse to grumble when my hubby just wants company while he shovels or wants to enjoy a winter walk.  I have chosen to live in Michigan, therefore I choose winter every year.  Now is the time to start changing the atmosphere!

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