Lack of Potential Syndrome

Colossians 3:15-17

Let the peace of Christ keep you in tune with each other, in step with each other. None of this going off and doing your own thing. And cultivate thankfulness. Let the Word of Christ—the Message—have the run of the house. Give it plenty of room in your lives. Instruct and direct one another using good common sense. And sing, sing your hearts out to God! Let every detail in your lives—words, actions, whatever—be done in the name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way.
When God created the earth He had communion in mind.  He created a space to find peace.  He created running waters to sooth the soul.  He designed stars for a glamours night view.  He added a sprinkling of birds and animals to roam. Then He created His masterpiece…man.  Made in His image and for the purpose of a relationship.  On top of that He has provided everything we need to survive.  How have we gotten so far off track?
As I am here in the middle of Thanksgiving preparation I am forced to rest in between preparations just because of timing, I can’t do everything all at once…God did not rest during the creation process until the seventh day, what commitment.  He was so excited to bring life to what He created that He did not take time to breathe in between.  What if we loved God and only rested in Him, not stopping in the flesh to rest, but to lay down our lives and rest IN Him?  What if we kept busy with the things of God the whole time?
In today’s society we are often so beaten and abused by those who are suppose to love us that we develop a lack of potential syndrome in our lives.  We can only hear the words “You’re not going to amount to anything” so many times before we begin to believe it.  Or how about “You’re not doing that right” and someone just takes over what we are doing and does it their right way?  I could list so many more awful things which we have been flooded with in our lives that we would all be depressed by the time I got done.  Let me share this with you:
Our God sees your potential. He has programmed you to love.  He believes in your dreams and He sees your heart.  Begin today to see yourself as God does.  Reflect on the fact that you begin as a purpose…to have a relationship with the One Who created this very earth.  Disregard all of those hurtful things which have been spoken over you..they no longer matter.  Begin right now to accept you are loved.  You are wanted.  You are desired. You matter.  Yes, you…YOU matter to God.
I pray today on this Thanksgiving that we begin to allow our broken pieces to mend and give our shattered selves to Jesus, He is the only one that can heal our pain.  He is the only one who will not tell you lies.  He will bring truth to any lies spoken to you.  I pray that each of you finds self-worth today for I am thankful you read these words I spiel out.  God has a purpose for each of our lives with the end result being UNITY IN HIM.. Yes, resting IN Him allows us to hear His heart and stay in tune.

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