From Broken to Whole

Genesis 2:24

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.
Many of you know where I came from concerning marriage, however for those who do not I will give you the short version of a very long story.  I met and married a man in 1992 without seeking God for the union.  Twenty years later after a marriage reeking of havoc from drugs and alcohol abuse, I divorced after God set me free.  Then, after I told God I did not desire to have another man in my life, He gave me the most perfect husband to take care of me.  I did not understand at first but then it sunk in, God wanted me to see what a real marriage could be when two souls become one flesh and live a life according to Jesus.
So here we are almost a year later and we both are happy, healed and whole.  We are best friends and love to spend time together.  Sure, we have had our moments but we just choose to follow after Jesus and the healing comes.  We have learned very quickly not to let things fester and we voice our issues before they become thorns in our rosy marriage.  I pray God will continue to push into our lives and keep us on the right path.
Just a few days ago we did a marriage project together.  The picture above depicts it but allow me to explain in detail.  We first took an empty “vessel” to pour our lives in to.  Then we chose two separate “vessels” to represent us.  We took a hammer and crushed these two vessels to symbolize our broken lives and placed them in the bottom of the new vessel.  After this we found some rocks to symbolize that our new foundation was being built on the rocks of salvation.  Then we made blue sand to represent my husband and yellow for me and placed that over the rocks.
Following this we added marbles which represent seeds we would plant as a married couple.  After this we poured red sand over the contents to represent the fact that our marriage is covered by the Blood of Jesus.  Finally we placed apples on the top to represent a fruitful marriage as a result of building a marriage on a solid structure and knowing that Jesus always has us covered in His Blood.
Every marriage can survive anything this world throws at them if they keep their eyes on Jesus and put in 100% all of the time to their marriage.  If you look closely at the picture with the separate bottles, you can see that there are lighthouses beside each one to represent that we were each already following after Jesus and we carried that light with us.  Now together with out lights, we can shine even brighter as a married couple.
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