Missed Treasure


Matthew 6:33
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Have you ever gone searching for treasure?  Rocks are treasures for me especially petoskey  stones.  Usually found in the upper part of Michigan.  I always get excited when I see them.  I spent at least an hour this summer searching one whole beach for this treasure only to come up empty handed.  So imagine my excitement when I was not EXPECTING to find a treasure and it just appeared.  Now if you look at the photo above, the picture of the rock on the left is dull and boring while the rock on the right has distinctive marks of being a petoskey  stone….they are the same rock.  If the rock would not have been in the water I would have missed out on a true treasure.


Where am I going with this?  How many times do we walk past people in our ordinary lives and miss out on their story?  What if we miss out on talking to an angel?  What if our idea of a treasure is not God’s idea?  So many questions begin to swim around the ordinary stones in our lives.  Once we accept Jesus into our hearts we ourselves should be on a treasure hunt….seeking out treasures for heaven.  


If anybody knows anything about God, He normally uses the underdog to bring His Kingdom glory.  He often chooses the people least likely to succeed to accomplish great things for Him.  So that being said, why do we walk past God’s treasures, day after day after day?  When are we going to take the time to pick someone up, dust them off and offer to them a life of accomplishing their dreams?  When are going to start giving hope to the hopeless and dreams to the dreamless.


I find myself guilty of this very thing.  Sometimes I am in such a hurry I choose not to take the time time to even smile.  Sometimes I am so wrapped up in my work or my personal life I just choose to leave treasures lying on the ground.  If I was a rock on a beach scattered in a crowd of shinny, polished stones, I would want to be picked up and treasured…how many of God’s people feel the same way?

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