Lost in Space

Psalm 107:4

Some wandered in the wilderness, lost and homeless.
Psalm 119:176

I have wandered away like a lost sheep; come and find me, for I have not forgotten your commands.
Some of God’s people are so lost, yet they seem to have no understanding that they are actually lost.  It’s almost as if they are in a trance, lost in a space of time we cannot see.  Their lives are dictated by television and life’s circumstances rather than the love of God.
They seem to have no clue that they are really lost in this world of destruction.  They allow people to tell them where to go and how they should live rather than seeking God for all of the answers.  It seems as if they have lost all control of who they once were in Christ.
My heart cries for the lost.  The little lambs of God who have wandered away in drugs, alcohol, pornography, cutting, adultery, stealing and so many other sins whether done is public view or in secret.  It just brings me to tears when I see the destruction Satan has done in the hearts of God’s people.  People who once were filled with such joy are brought down so close to devastation that hope is just squeezed out of them.  There is not one ounce of hope left in some of them.  They are shrouded in a darkness with no hope of ever seeing light again.
I was once one of those lost sheep.  I was saved very early in life yet I let Satan have one piece of me at a time.  First it was smoking, then drinking followed by sleeping around in search of someone to love me.  Then I married without God even being there.  I spent years wondering how I even ended up in such a place void of life.  Where had the light gone? I used to be so happy.  My life was joyous and then suddenly it became so empty and routine.  I no longer enjoyed my days it was just one struggle after another.  Yes, I was one of those people lost in space, hopeless and lost in a void.
Thank God, Jesus was searching for me.  He pursued me even when I denied His presence.  He stood by me in every situation but the darkness surrounding me did not allow me to see Him.  I felt like I was just left behind to fend for myself since I was the one who chose this path.  Why would God even bother to come searching for me?  I was the one in the wrong, He did not push me away, I chose to walk a way.  I was responsible for they emptiness which now surrounded me, why should He be coming to find me?
Why?  Because He loved me enough to never give up hope.  He loved me enough to bring people into my life to love me right where I was, no judging.  He loved me enough to want something better for my life than what I had chosen.  As I stood there hopeless, I felt His presence one day as I called out into the darkness.  There was a loophole in Satan’s plan and the people of God broke through.  I was rescued and made whole again.  I was brought back to God’s family and filled with hope.  As my once shattered heart was placed back together, God in His grace gave me life again and for this I am forever grateful.
Now that I am back where I am suppose to be, I want to give this hope to others.  I want to help Jesus find the lost sheep and give them hope.  If by grace I was brought back into the light then I want to have the same grace God has for His people.  I want to give hope to the hopeless and allow God to breathe life into what once was dead.  I want to show people that grace is sufficient.  I want to inspire people to love again.  I want to show people how to keep the faith alive in their lives.  I want to be able to encourage people to never give up on God because He will never give up on them.

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