Ignore, Ignore, Ignore

Deuteronomy 5:24

They said, ‘Look, the Lord our God has shown us his glory and greatness, and we have heard His voice from the heart of the fire. Today we have seen that God can speak to us humans, and yet we live!
Ignore! Ignore!  Ignore!  was often the chant I heard as my children were growing up.  They would have this disagreement and since they did not want to listen to what the other one was saying they would repeat this until the other person left or saw things their way.  How often do we do this in our walk with God?  Sometimes we think we have the better answer and we begin to ignore the voice of God trying to lead us in a different direction.  I know I have ignored God a few times yet He always seems to win so if only I would follow that still small voice in the first place, I might just get somewhere in this Christian walk the first time around instead of trudging around the mountain.
I think sometimes we just don’t like what God has to say and we go off doing our own thing.  Even when in our heads we know we are not in the will of God, we still seem to think we have the better idea for the situation.  Then, God has to take us through the lesson of disobedience and we have to stop and learn something before we can go any further in our walk.  When will we learn to stop and listen first and then move in what God has for us?
Sometimes in our rebellion we really make a wrong choice and it can set us back for years while other times it is a simple mistake and we can quickly get back to where we started from.  Thank goodness our God is a gracious and loving Father who only seeks to set us in the right direction so that we may achieve what He as for us.  All God wants is to see us flourish and go in the path He already designed for us, however our freewill often prevents us from hearing directly from God and can hinder our walk.
Have you ever ignored God?  Ever found yourself in the wrong direction only having to admit He was right all along?  Yup, that’s a tricky spot to be, yet our God is still there, waiting for our response to His calling.  I urge you to seek His face in prayer and begin to really listen for His still small voice to guide you back to His plan.  I am so glad I have learned to hear more clearly.  It as enabled me to stay on track and headed in the right direction, ultimately His goal for all of us.

1 thought on “Ignore, Ignore, Ignore

  1. ” When will we learn to stop and listen first and then move in what God has for us?” I ask myself this question a lot. I know God has the best for me, and yet I can’t obey the first time…

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