Drops of Healing

Joel 2:23

Rejoice, you people of Jerusalem! Rejoice in the Lord your God! For the rain he sends demonstrates his faithfulness. Once more the autumn rains will come, as well as the rains of spring.
Sometimes when we hear the sound of an approaching storm we begin to prepare ourselves for the downpour.  Depending on how severe a storm may be we might seek shelter and cover the windows for safety.  If we are caught outside we run for the nearest dry place and wait until the storm passes through.  Yes some storms are destructive and can do some very bad damage while others just pass by with a little sprinkle of rain.  We can clearly compare these real rain storms with ourselves.
There are storms which come in our lives that are tougher to handle than others and it takes all kinds of gear to protect ourselves from the pain they bring.  We hide ourselves from the storm not wanting to get wet or struck by lightening.  We have learned from past experiences that the storms just take a toll on us and we have no desire to face another one. As I faced one ordeal after another in my previous marriage I was so tired of the storms raging I wanted to pack it all up and move to a state or country far, far away yet I knew the storms were building my faith, even if I could not see it.
Every time I endured a storm no matter its’ size, I grew more and more dependent on God to help me through it.  When the storms first began, I was not following after God and it all seemed hopeless, however, once I let God back into my life the storms got a little easier because I gained wisdom for the situations.  Just like if you moved to a state that was prone to hurricanes, after the first time of being in one you would know better how to brace yourself for the next one.  Same thing with God, He teaches you how to endure the storms while He makes a way for you to be healed.
I look back now on all of the storms in my life and I can see them for what they actually were, character building, healing rains.  Every storm has something to glean from it.  Every storm brought me closer and closer to who I am in Christ today and I am ever so thankful for the rain.  The rain provided drops of healing for my broken heart.  It was the rain that held me together.  Now I see the storm and my feet want to dance in the rain instead of hide from it.  
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