Yup! That’s It!

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.
So it’s no coincidence that God brings us back to the exact word He spoke into our lives at just the right moment in time.  I have been sitting here discouraged and feeling like nothing is happening in my life and suddenly like a mighty rushing wind, God shows up out of nowhere to remind me He is still there.  Yes, a million and one good things have come to pass in the last few months and I know somewhere in this brain of mine that things have changed, yet I feel like I am not making a difference.  Leave it to God to call us out and point us in the right direction again.
After months of being refined in the fire, I finally woke up this morning different.  I cannot exactly explain how or why, just renewed.  I feel alive again in the things of God and I am ready for what He has next.  My husband and I were told that we would have a powerful ministry and God said our love would be like no other love between a married couple.  Well, these things seem to be true yet I still felt like we were just not making an impact for God’s people.
Last night we attended a revival service to support a friend and we were called out as husband and wife and God renewed EVERYTHING He had already spoken over our lives and took us to that next level.  He said we were destined to be holding marriage seminars and that our love would be super strong.  As I stood next to my husband on that altar in tears I was just overwhelmed by the love that was being poured out upon us.  Never before have I felt so close to God.  In that moment I finally felt like I actually mattered to God and that He would be using us mightily for His purposes.
So here we are today, a new day, a new beginning.  Here I stand in this moment, waiting on God, knowing I am in His plans and that He has great things in store for my husband and I.  We have come to this great revelation that what God has put together no man can separate.  We also are ready for what the next step is without any fear for we are covered in the Blood of Jesus and the devil has no business messing with our lives.
Are you in a slump?  Do you need a refreshing wind to sweep over you?  I encourage you to seek His face.  Lie down in a quiet place and let Him wash you again in the blood, cleansing you from head to toe.  I guarantee that when you arise you will not be the same.

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