You Are Safe

John 8:12

Jesus, the Light of the World ] Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”
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Here they come rolling in.  You get that feeling in your gut days or weeks before the storm appears on the horizon.  You just have this feeling of doom that no matter what you try to do just does not go away.  You dread even walking out the door as it draws nearer.  You try to prepare yourself by drinking plenty of water (reading the Word), getting yourself prepared with the right gear to weather the storm (the armor of God) and making sure you will have light in case the power goes out (getting right with Jesus).  We do all these these things and the storm just keeps coming.
Ever been at the edge of the storm?  Right about to step in as you brace yourself for the
worst when you find it’s only a renewing rain?  You get yourself all worked up and surround yourself with a prayer chain only to find your next step puts you into the loving grace of God and you can see the purpose of all you just went through?
So many times in my life I have been down right scared.  Just terrified of what the next step will be.  When I was sitting in the passenger seat of the car while my husband at the time was being questioned by the police for his driving and I heard the officer say that if you keep being smart I will give your wife a ticket too, my heart skipped a 1,000 beats.  I had never been in trouble before with the law and I was terrified of being sent to jail.  We had been so broke we were driving with no insurance or updated plates on the car.  On top of that he was driving on a suspended license.
As I sat there awaiting my doom, I prayed, I cried out to God with all that was within me.  I searched for my light to shine on this dark moment.  After the officer placed my husband in the back of his cruiser, he came over to me and asked one simple question as he handed me a ticket as well, “Why did you allow an unlicensed driver to drive your car?”  My response was simple and stupid, “I don’t know, I was not feeling well today so I let him drive”.  What I wanted to explain to the man standing before me was that I was in a relationship where you don’t tell an addict that you are going to drive, you just submit to his authority whether it is right or wrong.
So there I sat in the parking lot of McDonalds watching my husband being driven to jail and not being able to go anywhere because of the situation of no insurance or plates.  Once again I was seeing the storm.  I had a fear arising in me as I was facing the fact that I had to go in front of the county prosecutor and explain my situation in hopes that I didn’t have to go to jail or pay a bunch of fines.  I knew I had to be strong even though I was scared to death.  I knew God was with me yet I feared what the world was going to do with me.  So I prayed and stepped into the storm before me and felt the presence of God just covered me.
To make a long story short I was pardoned from the offense and my husband received the correction for the whole situation.  I was delivered by the hand of God from a situation which could have been very difficult to walk through.
How many times have you freaked out over a storm only to discover you were safe all along?  Even though the road ahead looked ugly, you knew in your heart that it was safe ground.  God will walk you through every situation if you just choose to stay calm and prepare yourself in the things of God.
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