Don’t Let It Die

Jeremiah 17:8
They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit.


Raise your hand if you have ever had a pity party for yourself.  Good now that hands are raised all over the place, this will be easier to write. God has created each of us with a purpose.  He has also commanded us to preach the Good News and have compassion towards others as we aspire daily to become more like His Son Jesus.  I myself have been struggling a bit these last few months as I have been adjusting to all of the changes in my life.  I have been divorced, fell in love all over again and become remarried….all because God decided what I needed in my life.  Well in this process I feel I have lost a bit of my purpose as a Christian writer.

I knew at the age of 5 when I wrote my first poem in kindergarten that I wanted to be a writer.  Not a journalist but a writer.  I loved words and had fun putting them together in an array of sentences to make some semblance of meaning on a page.  As I grew older I had a teacher who spoke life into my writing and I was hooked.  I wrote journals and poems and short stories.  As I moved forward in my ministry aspect of life, I began this blog and wrote two books, looking towards the life of becoming a published author and having a way to share my love for Jesus publicly.  I have since fell short of these goals in my life.  I have not blogged and the two books I have completed are sitting at the publishers waiting on me to locate financing to have them published.

I was really feeling low today and I prayed with my husband looking to God for solutions.  I surrender it all to God on the way to a revival meeting, knowing that I cannot do anything in my power to fix me. I surrendered the books and my blogs.  I surrendered myself as a writer and I asked God to show me the next steps to take.  Leave to our loving Father in heaven to send a message to a man of God to speak at the very end of the of the meeting with a word that spoke straight to my heart.  This man spoke of dying fruit.  He painted a word picture of a lonely grape still ripe on a vine among other wilted ones.  The moment I heard him speak I knew it was for me.  I felt that my usefulness as a Christian was dwindling and that I really did not matter to the purposes of the Kingdom work.

I went up for prayer and he spoke life into me.  Told be that God was turning things around.  I now have regained hope in this area of my life.  God has renewed my passion and I am ready to press in and move ahead.  No more accepting the lies of the devil.  I am ready to realize that I have more fruit to produce for the Kingdom and I say to each of you reading this blog, don’t let your fruit die.  You have a purpose.  God has given you a reason to be on this earth.  Do not be led into darkness away from your destiny or dreams by the lies Satan likes to feed us everyday.  Be strong in the Lord and in all your way acknowledge Him, trusting in His plan for your life.

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1 thought on “Don’t Let It Die

  1. Write on loved one! Write on Brenda! I am praying that soon someone will be looking for that book from you, and you won’t be waiting to find someone to finance it, they will be searching for YOU….and you will be ready with the new revision of the old works…that will be fresh and sharp like a two-edged sword, reflecting what the Lord has given you in the Word to share as He has created a new work in you. It will be looking at the old problems with new eyes and a new heart for service. Some things you have written will not fit anymore in your life…nothing wrong with them, but they won’t be your trumpet, because you have a new song to sing…and others, because they were written with heart and soul, God will find a place to give them new meanings. I love you! I for one, will keep reading.

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