Unexpected Love

John 13:34
So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.

Life is a journey in which we enter into without any permission on our part, so why do we think we have any control of it?  God created us for worship.  He made us in His image so that we would want to have a relationship with Him.  Why can we not see this all around us?  The sun.  The moon and stars.  The lakes and rivers.  The trees and flowers.  The sky and the clouds.  Everywhere we look, God is there.  Every day I see something marvelous and just stand in awe of what He is trying to show me.  These are His love letters to us.  Today I saw so many awesome and wonderful things I took almost 200 pictures of His love.

When are we going to learn to just surrender our ways and receive what He has to offer us in this short life?  Why do we get so caught up in our everyday business that we fail to see what God is trying to show us?  How many times does He try to slow us down and love on us with a sunset or blue sky?  Is it because we feel unworthy?  Perhaps we think it is not really for us but for His other more faithful children. Whatever the reasons are, we need to yield to what He wants to show us because this is His love.

Start today to see the beauty of God in ALL things.  Lift your arms and surrender your ways to Him.  ALLOW the Father to pour His love into you.  Why?  Because you ARE worthy.  He DOES love you. He DESIRES intimacy with you everyday.  I encourage you to begin to let God show you His love so that you may begin to love yourself.  It is only from this place of self-love that you can love anyone else.  So many relationships become broken because we operate out of brokenness ourselves.  We can not help anyone else in any situation in which we have not healed from ourselves.

The healing begins with your change of heart towards yourself.  Yes, you.  God wants to love on you unexpectedly.  He wants to hear about your day.  He wants to be your everything.  Will you let Him in today?  All it takes is one act of surrender.

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