How Many More Need to Perish?

Psalm 103:8
The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.

Who are we that we choose not to have compassion on those around us?  This is a burden I am carrying at the moment and I just want to highlight some things I have been feeling about this area of my walk.  So often we see the homeless or witness the handicapped people all around us, however, are we really moved to act out to help?  We say we don’t have enough to give or don’t have the time…mere excuses for not showing the mercy heart of the Father.

I was recently in Chicago for a class for work and we had an opportunity to visit the heart of downtown Chicago at night.  I went with some new friends from my class and we ate Chicago pizza and witnessed the sites of the city.  I saw several homeless persons along the way, however, I chose not to even stop as I was “busy” site seeing.  I did however say hello to an elderly couple who responded with a “bless you” and this began a work in my heart so deep for the people of Chicago that I had no idea what God was about to do right there in the dark of night in the middle of a HUGE city.

We arrived back at the bus station 45 minutes early and I decided to do a little shopping at a corner store.  As I entered the building a homeless man said if I had anything left to spare when I was done, he could really use a bus pass.  I said okay and entered the store.  a few minutes later I witness a military man in uniform asking the clerk to buy a bus pass.  As I turned my attention to what I had just heard, there was the homeless man patiently waiting for his gift.  I was so amazed at the act of kindness this man was doing I kinda got excited.  As I exited the store I saw this man standing on the busy street corner and I found enough boldness to walk up to this soldier and I explained to him just how blessed he was going to be for being so generous to this homeless man.  He was moved to tears.

As I walked away thanking God for the opportunity and was half way across the street when the homeless man called out to me.  He was asking for prayer.  He had seen what just happened to the other man and he wanted the same for himself.  I stopped in the middle of traffic and return to the street corner where there was about 10 people gathered and I poured all the Jesus I had in me into this mans heart.  Again moved to tears, this man thanked me.  Fearing missing my bus I departed the corner, however, God was not done.  As I was about to board the bus another man approached me and showed me all the money he had and explained that he needed another $5 to get into the shelter for the night.

Wow!  Another chance to bless someone and so I gave him the money and I grabbed his hand, asked his name and I prayed with him and blessed his life.  His spirits actually changed right there in the middle of the night in the heart of downtown Chicago.  Filled with so much joy at what God had just done I walk onto the bus and He leads me into a conversation with some young adults who had witnessed what had happened on the first street corner.  It was an amazing night as God used me to reach out to people that some would have just walked by and not even noticed.

Everyday we have the chance to share Jesus with complete strangers.  Everyday we have the choice to let someone know the difference between heaven and hell.  Each person we pass is an opportunity for God.  How willing are we to allow God to use us for His purposes?  How willing are we to be used by God to save lives?  He sent His only Son so that non should ever perish and be placed in the pits of hell.  What if you or I just kept walking by?  How many more would perish?

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