Boxed In

Hosea 6:3
Oh, that we might know the LORD! Let us press on to know him. He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of rains in early spring.”

Are you remotely ready to press into God?  Are you wanting to see God moving in your life?  Feel at times like your prayer life is going no where?  Do you often seem unaccounted for in the body of Christ?  Well, then this blog today is for you.  I was thinking today and challenged myself to figure out how I have arrived to this place in my life that I am so hungry for God and even though it was Monday yesterday, I wanted to be at church.  I figured it out…one day, I just flew the coop, got out of the box and began to move with God.  For if we are seated with Christ, then He is with us always and His Father is willing to take us wherever we want to go, we just have to be willing to want to get our of our boxes.

How does one do this?  Jump!  Leap!  Just  do it.  It’s like the day I quit smoking, I just decided it had to be over that day.  Sure I had stopped and started 100 times before but this time it was different.  I just DECIDED to quit.  I was prayed over a few hours later and even though I lived with a 3 pack a day smoker, the desire left me, why?  Because I DECIDED to make the right choice.  It’s the same thing with God.  So many Christians are still whining and complaining about their status in life yet when you begin to probe questions into the situation, you begin to clearly see that are their comfortable boxes and do not have enough faith to get out.

I am a walking testimony of what God can do in just one persons life.  Many who do not know me would be amazed at the things God just blesses me with, those who know me, understand the reality of the blessings.  I have gotten out of my box and went back and stomped on it and tore it to shreds, why?  Because I am on the most exciting adventure of my life.  I am free.  I am happy.  I am doing what God asks me to do and I am moving IN Him everyday.  Jesus said He only did the things He saw His Father doing and truly that is the way to live.

I challenge you to get out of your box…yup..right now.  Don’t wait until tomorrow or two hours from now, just do it.  Tell God that you are ready for Him to mess up your life (in a good way) and see what He does.  My friend and I did this at the last revival and I am here to tell you that in a short period of time God is turning all that was bad in my life to good.  Are you ready for an adventure?  Are you ready to trust God and get out of your box?


Furby says, “Go!  Get out of your box and be all that you were meant to be!”

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