Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf and Why?

Psalm 27 NLT

A psalm of David.

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
    so why should I be afraid?
The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger,
    so why should I tremble?

I could find lots of passages in the Bible about how not to be in fear, for God is in control the enemy has  been defeated, so why are we so fearful?  We fear from lack of money.  We fear our children will come to harm.  We are afraid of the dark.  We are terrified of thunder storms.  We run for fear of spiders and small creatures.  We fear failure.  We fear rejection.  We fear just about everything you can imagine and then we give those fears names and identities.  Why?

Now I surely have fears, yet I know I have nothing to fear with God right beside me.  I will admit that my greatest fear is deep water.  I can swim to save my life I think, but once I cannot feel the bottom or the water is nearing my chest I get into a panic.  So imagine that fear and put yourself in the shoes of all those other fears I listed above…do any of those fit you?  Are there ones out there which I have not mentioned?  Do you know there are persons out there who fear leaving their homes?  Those who are afraid to drive a car?  What is it that Satan holds over our heads to make us so fearful?

God sent His only Son to die on the cross for our salvation and the process He won the battle and defeated Satan, how is it he still has a hold on so many things in our lives?  Because he knows God has great things planned for each of our lives and he wants to butt in wherever he can and mess things up.  Ugh!  Just makes me sick to think he has so much control in this world.  I wish I could get over this fear I have and as I get older I am getting bolder, however I have conquered my fear of spiders, but only because EVERYONE else in my household would run and hide screaming all the way, “MOM!!!  KILL IT!!  KILL IT!”  Only to run into assess the situation to find a spider I needed a magnifying glass to find so I could smoosh it with my shoe.

How can we begin to conquer the fear factors in our lives?  Simple, surrender.  Surrender everything you have a fear about and see what God can do with it!  He is awesome in power and can help us defeat every fear.  He does not desire us to be bound by such devilish things and so we must learn to just give up fear.  Hmmm… Give Up Fear, that’s sounds so simple, guess what for some it will be, yet others will need to seek counsel for release because Satan has them so deceived by fear.  I pray as you now have this tidbit of info, that you begin to surrender things, perhaps one at a time and allow God to heal that which torments you.  I bet most fears come from something internal such as my fear of water comes from when I was young and was thrown off of a boat in hopes that I would just “learn how to swim”, instead I have gained a great fear for water.  Then Satan strengthed that fear by allowing my son to nearly drown in a swimming pool when he was 6 years old.

Perhaps you can start by just repeating this simple line:  Fear has no hold on me for I am completely covered by the blood of Jesus.

Share what fears you have conquered, maybe you are the key which unlocks healing for someone else!

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