Looking For My Yacht

 Matthew 14:29
“Yes, come,” Jesus said. So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus.

First, I must apologize for the length of days between my blogs lately, it has been difficult adjusting to my new position at work and I have been very busy.  I am hoping as I get a handle on things I will be able to focus once again on my blogging.  As for today, this will be short and sweet as I am headed to revival meetings and I am seeking God for some answers.  As many of you know, I am in the process of publishing a book.  The process is slower than I want to go, yet I know it is all according to God’s perfect plan for my life.  Today I want to share some joy and I hope you will rejoice as well for if you too choose to surrender, God is waiting to work a masterpiece in your life as well.

I am an ordinary person.  I live an ordinary life for the most part.  I am different than everyone else as we all are.  I have hopes and dreams.  I have tragedies and triumphs.  The only difference between me and the unbeliever is God.  It is this God Factor which orchestrates my life and gives me the desires of heart.  It is this peace and understanding which gets me through my days.  The key to all of this was surrender.  I am in the process of putting together a little book about surrender and soon it will be available.  Surrender was the key to writing my first book, if I had not given it all to God, I would still be in my rut and not growing with the Lord.

This morning, I spoke with a possible book representative.  She gave me insights and pointers, sharing a part of her ministry with me.   We talked about an hour and I hung up the phone happier than I have been in days.  She spoke things into my life and confirmed many things.  This book my friends is truly only the beginning.  There will be more.  God is calling me to a ministry position and I am looking for my yacht.  I must get up and get out of my comfortable boat and seek greatness.  I have to step out on to the water and trust God to take me to the next big thing.  No longer will I dwell in the simple fishing boat, I will live in the yacht where ministering to the broken can begin.

I am so excited to see where God is taking me. I am ready for training and I am seeking those whom God will send into my life to grow me up in the ministry aspect of my life.  I am searching for those who will invest time into my book.  I am ready to be amazed by God and I want to take you on the journey with me.  Ahead of me lay great possibilities and uncharted waters.  Just beyond the next harbor there are people who need to hear God loves them and that He desires to heal their brokenness.  Lots to do and pray about.  Are you ready to go sailing with me?  I will not leave you behind, Jesus did not leave me.

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4 thoughts on “Looking For My Yacht

  1. Rev. Manuel Chacon April 22, 2012 — 11:42 pm

    Keep going, but never lose sight of Jesus. I am so glad you found Jesus, and the power over took you to a higher level. There will be more steps to climb, and some steps are pretty small to step on. 🙂 Some time we don’t see the steps, and we choose the wrong steps, or we just slip. Just let us know when the door is done, and for Sale.. God Bless, Rev. Manuel Chacon

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words, however do you mean book? And of course I will keep all my bloggers updated:) God is Good and I am following full force!

  2. If there is ANYTHING I can do, PLEASE let me know!!!!!!!!!!

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