Continual Conversations

2 Chronicles 7:14
Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.

What is prayer to you?  Is it something you do because you are a Christian?  Do you only pray when you are in need as a desperate, last call to God?  Are your prayers more like a routine, right before bed?  Whatever your prayer life is, God is calling you to step it up.  I attended a meeting at church today and the speaker discussed how in the “olden” days people came to the church early to pray before the service and they prayed before the Bible studies and things HAPPENED during the services which followed.  How have we strayed?  Has church also just become a routine in our lives?  What IF we prayed continually?  What if we entered the church EXPECTING something to happen while we were there?

Would we become overloaded and overwhelmed with the process?  Would we grow tired of praying to God over and over again???  Well, let me the first to tell ya, being on my knees and face in prayer is where it all happens.  God has pulled me out from the mess I had gotten myself in and it was not for the lack of my praying (screaming) to God when things were at their worst.  Perhaps He would have assisted me sooner if I had decided to surrender my situation for Him to take care of instead of hoping it would change on its’ own.  Nothing I can do to change that part of my life, but when things began to grow less dim for me was when I began to pray continually.

Now, praying continually does not necessarily mean completely stopping what you are doing, finding a quiet place, folding your hands and closing you eyes and then speaking this eloquently prepared prayer.  Sometimes prayer is singing a song while you are in the midst of a trouble.  Prayer can be in your head (or heart) where no one else even knows you are praying.  Praying can be saying a few words of healing when you see an ambulance drive by.  A prayer can be a simple act of looking towards heaven and saying , “Help me.”  I think sometimes we have this idea that prayer takes up too much of our time, perhaps it is because we are trying to be too formal about it or put it into parameters, kind of like when we put God in a box.  Other times we feel awkward in a setting where others are involved and we lack the freedom to really pray to God like we need to.

I challenge each of you to discover what is hindering your prayer life.  There is no 101 on praying except for the Lord’s Prayer as taught by Jesus to the disciples.  As that prayer alone is a start and very powerful, sometimes we need to ask God directly for what we need and then we need some knee time to talk to God.  God is going to hear you no matter what, yes we need to be quiet to hear God’s still, small voice, however He can hear us loud and clear no matter where we are at the moment.  I used to be the kind of girl who prayed before I went to sleep as my head lay on the pillow, where soon I was fast asleep before I could finish my prayers.  Now I just pray all the time.

I pray at work when I am frustrated.  I pray in the car for those who cut me off.  I pray each time I hear sirens blaring around me.  I pray at the grocery store when I see a situation I just know in my spirit needs attention.  I pray when I read a status on Facebook. I pray on my way to work for my co-workers.  I pray on the way to church and let God know I am going expecting something awesome.  I pray when someone asks me to pray, not waiting until later.  I find being in continual prayer is like a continuous conversation with God.He listens while I ask for my needs and He answer accordingly.  Recently I have found myself stuck to floor face down in surrender and then WOW God begins to answer the big questions in my life and shows me He is at work on my behalf.

Whatever your goals are in 2012, add continual conversation with God to that list.  Things happen when we pray.  Healing begins.  Family situations are mended.  Minds are renewed.  Blessings flow.  God is a wanting a relationship with each of us and prayer is the beginning.  Let’s commit to a stronger prayer life in 2012 and see what happens.  God longs to move in our lives but if we don’t ask, He cannot provide.  What if each of us began   today praying at least two more times than usual?  Do you think that is achievable? I do.  In the beginning of my increase in prayer, it was uncomfortable, but the more I practiced it, the easier it became. You can do this! I have faith in each of you!  One thing you will discover is that you are more at peace knowing God is answering your prayers, and the more you are at peace, the more you feel like you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

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6 thoughts on “Continual Conversations

  1. Awesome…as usual : )

  2. Joyce Meyer once said that We don’t pray to God for his benefit, but for our benefit. I view prayer like bonus points to an exam. The more we pray, the more points we get that will help us pass. The only prayer that I can say comes to a routine is when I pray for my dad. Even though I’m a College student, I still depend on him for a ride and the moment I set foot on campus, I say a prayer to God for my dad to return home safely. For as long as I can remember, to the point where barrettes were in my hair as child to know, my dad has drove me and my sister to school and my mom to work. This is like his second job that he has done literally almost his whole life and I just feel like he deserves a prayer back home.

    Another routine i just thought up of is when I’m riding in a car and I see a man on a billboard preparing to put up another advertisement, I say a prayer for him becuase I can’t imagine someone falling from such a nasty height. I know this person must have family and friends who care for him. I also pray when I see a plane in the sky. I pray that no malfunction happens. But praying for my dad is the strong routine prayer I have so far. And it’s strange becuase when I pray these prayers, I’m actually convinced that God answers them, even when it is said that our days are not promised. I just feel like that verses is knocked away if I pray anyway.

    I am a VERY, VERY private person when it comes to praying. If I were at a gathering and someone asked me to pray out loud, I would agree, but in my head I’m like “oh crap!” My prayers are not really uniformed or articulate. I’m not really good words in general. So, when I pray in front of people, they are always short and less detailed. I just can’t grasp the spirit to bond with my words as other people are easily able to. It’s like they see the words in their heads but I have to FIND my words.

    When I speak to God, my atmosphere has to be private, absent of people and anything distracting. My FAVORITE place to speak to God is at college becuase they build a garden with tons of benches and I sit there, enjoying nature, the wind, the flowers nearby, watching and hearing cars go by, watching students walk along. It’s a very secluded but public area and I love it there. I just feel like I can be myself there.

    When I talk to God, I talk to him like I do to a friend sitting in a chair in front of me. I’m not on my knees with my fists joined together. I just talk to him. I don’t really know if getting on my knees would make a difference. Some people say it does but I don’t see why it matters.

  3. And that Girl…is the way it is suppose to happen!! I too used to feel uncomfortable when praying in groups, however as God moves me deeper into the possibility of public speaking as I grow closer to publishing this book, I am finding it a little easier. I still have this little fear of saying the wrong thing but I assure you its just satan trying to stop me:)

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