Days 17 & 18: What IS the Real Meaning?

Christmas Cookies and Cards

Proverbs 15:30
A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health.

I find it funny the Lord brings me to these two items today as we are continuing our journey to discover the real reason we celebrate Christmas, especially with the verse He led me to post.  Sorry I missed posting yesterday but with work and some things I needed to do, I simply ran out of time.  Anyway, cookies and cards are very important ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  I personally love getting cards in the mail and well, I have never a met a cookie I could say no to.  I have for the past several years made card lists and bought cards to give to my friends and family.  I make a unique angel ornament every year also to attach to the cards, however, this year I have done neither.  Not sure why, perhaps too busy and then this digging deeper into the real meaning of Christmas has just brought me to a place of resting in Him and not getting over worked with the tediousness of the holiday season.  But just as I am NOT making angel type gifts, God gave me one yesterday.

A friend of mine has been inviting me to a live nativity which her church puts on every year and I always seem to have to work.  I went this year and it took my daughter and I down a journey much like the path Mary and Joesph would have traveled so many years ago.  The tour highlighted so many of things I have already discovered through this blog.  Of course the tour ended at the stable with Mary and the baby.  Tears filled my eyes as I reflected on that wonderful birth and as we made our way to leave they handed us each a card and a gift.  As I unwrapped my gift I discovered an angel ornament wrapped inside.  Mine said Faith and my daughters said Hope.  How appropriate God would give us such gifts?

I think with the cards and cookies we give during the holiday season, we can open the doors to faith and hope.  With every Christmas card sent out or handed to someone, there is faith in God that we are giving hope to someone else.  I know the cards and cookies cannot be traced back to the birth, however it is a fitting gesture in a modern day senario.  God wants us to share our faith so that hope can begin to rise up and conquer the fears which have plagued this world.  What if we all sent out one or two extra cards this year to random people that maybe we picked out of a phone book?  Possible it could make a difference?  Reaching out is something we should be doing as Christians and I can almost bet you if I was not a Christian and received a card from someone, I would pay attention.

Not sure if I will get to any cards this year for my regular list, however I think I will make time to send a card or two out to someone God leads me to.  So as you are baking your special cookies and sealing the cards this year, remember to add a little faith and hope to all you do.  As we get closer to the end of our journey towards the real meaning of Christmas I think these will be very important aspects.

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