Knock, Knock

Matthew 7:8
For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.

Why are we so afraid to knock on doors?  Further more, why are we so fearful of opening doors?  God says for us to knock and ask so we may receive, why do we not?  I know in my situation, I felt as though I did not deserve more than what I already had.  I made the choices I did and well, where I was in any particular moment in time was where I was meant to end up.  So many times we just accept what we have in life instead of searching and opening doors to see what is behind them.  How many times are we missing out of what God might have for us?  He tells us to knock which means it is an invitation of sorts.  Let’s look at this for a moment longer, shall we?

We get to choose our houses, cars, food, furniture and clothes.  There are so many options for lifestyles, however, are we choosing by what we want or what God has for us?  Now I know God knows the desires of our hearts, but sometimes I think it is His protecting nature which prevents us from receiving what would be harmful to us.  How often do we go to God before we purchase major things in our lives?  Do we take the time to be sure it is affordable or what we really want?  Here again is an example of buying just because we want it only to put it in a yard sale later or have to downsize because we really cannot afford it.  What if we let God lead us to our desires?

For me this is a new home.  I feel the last step in over coming my past is a new home, a fresh start and new beginning.  A second chance to prove I can be organized and careful about the things I have been given.  My daddy pretty much bought this trailer I live in.  We have been here for 20 years and it has taken a beating.  Holes in walls.  Missing wall between the kitchen and bathroom.  Smoke stains from the kerosene and 20 years of smoking.  Rips in the carpet.  Broken doors.  Cracked windows.  In need of painting and new floors.  Missing skirting on the outside.  It is just not where I want to be anymore.  I know it may seem selfish but I feel I was left with this mess and do not feel I deserve to be left with the clean up.

I have tried several times to make this place a home again and it just breaks me every time.  I want to just go buy a home and move, leaving this place far behind me, however I know God has a plan.  I have not the finances to move on my own and because of terible credit a loan would be out of the question.  My true desire is to sell my dad’s house and together buy a home where we both can live as my dad is almost 80 and lives in too big of a home for him; yet not large enough for my daughter and I to move into.  If dad was to sell his home we could use it towards a new place.  Not sure if this is God’s plan as well for me, but it sounds good!  I know I need to be patient as God is bringing great order to my life.

As I have grown in my relationship with God I can look back and see all of the doors He has pointed out to me to open.  I also have witnessed the ones He has shut to keep me from harm.  I often wonder where some of these doors will lead me.  Here again I get to choose, yet God is leading me in a particular direction and will certainly open doors where and when necessary.  Do you have doors in front of you which you are hesitant to knock upon?  You want to change careers but feel stuck where you are at because it is what you have chosen? Are you afraid to knock because you are afraid of the changes you may have to make?  If God leads you to a door, knock and open up the possibilities God has for you.  Sometimes God can not move you to the next avenue in your life until you are willing to open some strange doors.  God is knocking with an opportunity, will you open it?


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