Bless to Be Blessed

Hebrews 7:7
And without question, the person who has the power to give a blessing is greater than the one who is blessed.

Okay, this was a lesson I began to learn back during revival back in October of 2010, to be blessed you must bless.  Sounds kinda strange in our gimme, gimme world of today.  So many times we want the pleasures of the world and loose focus on what God has in store for us already.  He says if we bless someone, our blessing is even greater, hmmm, does not quite make sense, but sometimes we just cannot figure God out!  If I give to someone else, I will receive a greater reward, I did not quite get this until just recently.

As I have begun to dig myself out from a financial mess, I feel as though I am just now to the point where I can bless others with things they need.  I can freely help someone out at the cash register when they are short on cash, or give a little extra to a special guest at church.  I try to get little gifts here or there to make someones day a little better.  These are just some little things I do to make others a bit happier in their circumstances, nothing did I plan to gain in return, just going where God was leading me.

During my marriage, I let myself go physically.  In the process, my teeth have suffered.  I have bad teeth to begin with and coupled with not taking care of them has brought me to where I am now with broken front teeth and several missing ones on the top.  I have gone through the repair of all the bottom ones, but now I am facing dentures.  Well, like I said, just coming out of a financial mess, I have no money to get the dental work done. My former boss, who was like a dad to me, was helping me pay to get the dental work done and I was making arrangements with his dentist and things were going well.  Sadly this man died of a massive heart attack in April and I have done nothing further to get my teeth repaired.

I was waiting to have $900 saved up to get a root canal on a bottom tooth and then $90 to get evaluated for top teeth removal for dentures.  All of this just came to a halt until a few weeks ago when the church secretary asked me if I had an estimate for my teeth and I explained to her the rough estimate was $5,000.  She giggled at me and I was bewildered until she began to explain to me that a couple from church who knew my story wanted to help out and this was the exact amount the Lord had laid upon their hearts to give.  How awesome is our God?  This came two weeks after I cried out to God because I did not know what to do.  I feel God is pushing me towards public speaking as I am nearing the completion of my book, Addicted to An Addict and I explained to Him, not until my teeth are fixed will I get in front of people and talk.

So here is God showing up and yes I have had two opportunities already to talk in front of a crowd, broken teeth and all!  I truly believe God has been seeing me as I try to give where I can.  Matter of fact, He probably was surprised when someone stole the $600 bike I had bought for $35 and I did not get angry instead I just prayed the person who took it much happiness with their new bike.  We need to get into the mindset that these things, even money, does not belong to us, it is Gods’.  As we learn to just give what we get and stop muttering about it, it opens the door for God to bless us abundantly.  The Bible even says we get blessed when someone does not receive when we bless them.  God desires to bless us, but we have to be willing to give.

We need to be mindful that if we bless, we too will be blessed.  It’s almost like God saying the more you take care of His people, the MORE He will take care of you.  Living out the Christian life is not always simple.  People just do not understand some of the things we do, but if they would just surrender some things to God themselves they would begin to see how God works. I will be eternally grateful to those who are blessing me with dentures and I will be excited to see what God has in store for them.  What it all boils down to is listening to God and going where He leads.  He know who needs what and He uses us to demonstrate His love.  Who is God asking you to bless?

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7 thoughts on “Bless to Be Blessed

  1. It’s interesting that dental care has been on my mind a lot lately. We have no insurance but we do have assurance… that God provides. I have a chipped front tooth…among other dental needs. What a blessing for you to get that taken care of..PTL! (:

    1. I literally cried out to God a few weeks ago and He sowed up! often we do not have because we do not ask or expect! I will pray for your provision. Start looking up Jabez in the Bible and praying for his blessing!

      1. Oh! and find a clinic near you that does pay scale dental work. Mine started out as a chip too and now is a gap.

  2. What a Beautiful Blessing…..God is sooooo Good…..You are an Amazing Woman and you have so much to share in your testimony to Bless others……Thank you Lord for supplying all our needs every day.. In Your Son’s Mighty Name…..Jesus…….

  3. Thank you Brenda,
    Please let me know when you book get publish as I would love to read it

    1. I surely will! Still finishing the last chapter but the rest is off to a proofreader:)

        So excited to see what God will do!

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