Peaceful Valley

Isaiah 26:3
“The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You.

Psalm 119:165
Those who love Your law have great peace, And nothing causes them to stumble.

Philippians 4:7
And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus

Yea though we walk through the valley of death, we will not fear……how many of us cringe when we read that passage, knowing we do not know how to walk without fear in some situations?  How many times have we just started down a valley, only to say to the world, “Here we go again?” as we begin to trudge into the valley with the perception that things are never going to change.  How long will we have these thoughts?  How will we overcome this mindset and approach the valley instead with, “Okay, God what am I to learn this time so we do not have to this again?”  In order for us to move on with the things of God, we need to learn our lessons as we go.  God is not going to trust us with things in our lives or choose us to help others when we cannot even get through our own valley without trusting Him to get us through.  We cannot just close our eyes and wish the darkness away or hope the scary noises will stop.  We have to armor up and step in boldness where ever we go, claiming the things of God in our circumstances.

I have gone through many a valley alone not realizing God was pleading for me to listen to Him so that I could go through it safely and push through on the other side with more knowledge of the things of Him than ever before.  How many times did I start into a valley, raise my hand and say, (yes, to God) “I got this!” only to discover I had no clue why I was there again or what I was suppose to be learning.  Ugh!  I knew instantly that I would have to redo this one again to get to the next level.  Next time God, I will listen.  Why is it we as humans think we have God all figured out?  I assure anyone reading this that we don’t.  No matter where we are in our Christian walk, we still do not have all the answers.  We may be better educated and have more confidence in the things of the Lord, however, we are not perfect and we most certainly are know-it-alls!

As my journey with God becomes more narrow I find myself with a peace for certain situations that I never had before.  Things that in the past would throw me into a tailspin, ceased to exist.  You call me a Jesus Freak, I am okay with that now, where as before offense would come.  Why are you still married, why not divorce?  I shrug and say, well, when God says divorce than it shall be, until then, well nope!  Where as a few years ago I would have been angry when people asked me that question.  I was in the midst of a battle and who were they to ask such a question.  Other examples, I don’t believe in God any more….okay, well I do and this is who I am now, either accept me for who I am or walk away until you are ready to receive instead of bashing everything I say.  Before I would be all nasty about it, now I just pray for that person and usually God has a funny way of bringing them back.

The valley I am walking through at the moment, where God is trying to teach me patience and peace is dealing with the world and its’ morality or lack of it I should say.  I get offended by people swearing in public or in PG 13 movies and on Facebook.  I am upset when people cannot even hold doors or say please and thank you.  I get angered when those who think they have God all figured out try to give me advice which I know in a heart beat is not of God.  God is teaching me to hold my tongue and I am listening.  We can be offended by such things, however when we speak we should be giving life and not condemning or judging others.  Our words should be life to situations and issues, not demeaning or hurtful.  I have had several instances just this week where I have had to keep my tongue silent even though I was stomping my foot because I wanted to speak.

God desires us to walk in His perfect peace.  That peace that passes all understanding.  Yes there is a peace that others do not understand, how do I know?  Because people are always asking me that question!  How can you still be married after all you went through? Peace, knowing God is control.  How are you so happy ALL the time? I have my moments, however, God is in control.  What about your son not walking with God? Um, God is control.  I have learned over the past few years how to let go and let God.  I know we have heard this statement a million times, yet we never let go!  We just keep clinging to things like saran wrap on a bowl, holding the contents locked inside.  Who are we fooling? Not God for sure.

In this life you can walk the walk of the valley but can you talk about it in a frame of mind that brings glory to God?  We are on but a journey of becoming like Jesus.  Yes, Jesus had to deal with the things of this world and He got angry, yet He did nothing that would bring harm to the great name of God.  We are to live life according to Gods’ plans and purposes.  How can we do this if every time we go through a valley we raise our hand and say, “I got this God!”?  Instead we need to raise BOTH of our hands and declare, “I am letting go God!”  It is in that instant when we surrender we receive peace because it is in  that one small moment, God picks up whatever it is and begins to work His perfect peace into the situation.

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