Give Grace?

Psalm 84:11
For the Lord God is our sun and our shield.He gives us grace and glory.The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.


If we are saved by grace and grace is all we really have, why are more people not willing to be givers of grace?  Does not all who walk this earth, who were created by God….whether they believe or not, deserve grace?  We can be so ugly sometimes when we choose not to be givers of grace to others, wonder why us Christians have such a bad reputation!  Lately God has given me some more difficult topics to speak about and I am just trying to be obedient to His will.  Of course, all of these issues I am also working on in my walk.  None of us will ever be perfect, that is for God and God alone, yet we should be daily striving to do our best to be faithful, true to our word Christians.

Okay, so grace.  Grace is given, we receive and then what?  We give!  And give!  An Give!  Not to say we give until we are exhausted or trampled on but when someone curses you, give grace.  When someone cuts you off in the store, give grace.  When the man who is in a hurry pulls out in front of you and goes slower than you, give grace.  When your boss just seems to be getting on your bad side, give grace.  It is a simple principle but one that goes against the very grain of our flesh for sure.  It will be most difficult at first, however with maybe a few graces given through gritted teeth at first, it does become easier.  It just means coming to an understanding that you once were unsaved and these people in your life may never have seen Jesus in any one before, how exciting if it could be you!

Blessings are well received by all, what if we become the blessers as well as the blessed?  We always want to receive blessing but we fail to see how less we actually give blessings.  Now blessings does not mean give your least favorite neighbor your car or send $1,000 to the first charity you come across.  Blessings can be as simple as sending a card to someone to let them know you are thinking of them.  Blessing a mom with a $10 gift card at a local coffee shop.  Help someone with their groceries.  You get the picture.  Blessing do not need to be a grand gesture but it needs to be sincere and from the heart.  People will begin to see you as a giver and shortly they may begin to see Jesus in you as well.

I have been blessing people as much as I can.  At work I write “Be Blessed” on coffee cups.  I keep my Facebook posting positive.  When I am out and about and have a little extra cash I pay for the order behind me in the drive thru.  If I see someone struggling with enough money to pay for something in front of me at the store, I provide some loose change.  Blessing is just looking for ways to make a small difference in someones life in the now moment they need it.  Use the giftings God has instilled in you to make a difference in this world, you can do it, He will give you the wisdom and the opportunities to do so.  I encourage you this week to bless someone, just something small, and see what happens.  Share your story in the blog! 

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