Who Lights Your Fireworks?

Psalm 50:1
[ An Asaph Psalm ] The God of gods—it’s God!—speaks out, shouts, “Earth!” welcomes the sun in the east, farewells the disappearing sun in the west. From the dazzle of Zion, God blazes into view. Our God makes his entrance, he’s not shy in his coming. Starbursts of fireworks precede him.

Who lights the fuse to your reactions?  Are you quick to blow up and send sparks flying at the slightest disruption to your day?  Or are you a more contained, reserved person that waits until everything builds up and then BANG!  out of no where you just explode?  Perhaps you have no fuse, you are disconnected and become a “dud”.  Or are your fireworks internal where God has control?

As we reflect on who is your fuse lighter we have some choices.  One would of course be the world.  Aggravation leads to anger and anger becomes explosive words of neglect and hurt.  When we use the world to light our fuse, we are often hot-headed and no one wants to even get close to us.  They feel threatened by the massive about of explosives you carry with you, they never know what might set you off.

Self-fused fireworks are very temperamental.  Never predictable.  Often easy to light one day and then a dud the next.  No clear direction.  No colorful display, sometimes just smoke fumes from them.  These are those who struggle between the world and choosing God to rule thier lives.

Then we have the God-fuse.  This type of firework is seen a quiet way.  It’s color radiates from somewhere within.  There is no alarming BANG or excessive smoke, just beauty.  When we allow God to light our fuse, we are a blessing to others.  Some come to us to gaze at what God has done in our lives.  Many desire to have what we have because there is a peace which surrounds us.

Take a moment.  What kind of firework fuse do you want to have?  One affected quickly by the actions of the world?  One activated by emotions?  Or one ignited by the One who created the fire within us? 

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